Founder & Senior Stylist

I started my hairdressing career in the heart of Birmingham, training  under the watchful eyes of Asheefa Rai ,who was taught the art of hair styling in the late 70’s and 80’s by the legendary Vidal Sassoon.

Then I took a career break to travels and ended up in New York for 6 months, later on I settled in Oxford, England.

After 12 years working with a local company, including a spell managing their growing salon business within the city,I decided that becoming independent would provide greater flexibility to my growing young family.

I believes that going to shows and seminars regularly is an important part of my on going career development.I make this a priority as there is always something new to learn in the world of hairdressing after 31 years in the business. Still to this day I’m passionate and absolutely love what I do.

’When I’m not working or taking care of my two active kids . I really enjoy a cup of green tea with an interesting book in my hand. Yoga, swimming and jogging will always be part of my life! Also my love for photography, food, and traveling has expanded my horizons and nourished my soul.